Parents and Guardians, if you opted for a change from your child's MP 1  instructional format on the district's second survey, that change goes into effect Friday November 13th. If you missed the survey, any changes desired would need to be emailed to me and Mrs. Goldberg.  All changes in instructional status for MP2 (as well as transportation status) can be found on your child's Realtime Parent portal.

 If you decided to change from Hybrid to fully remote, your child will attend remotely until further notice.  If you opted to begin a Hybrid program, Hybrid Cohort 3 begins Friday the 13th. Cohort 1 begins Monday the 16th and Cohort 2 begins Wednesday the 18th. 

If you did not opt for any changes then instruction will continue as it did for MP 1. 

If you have any questions as to your child's instructional status or transportation, please first check the parent portal. If you still have questions, please contact the main office.