Sparky the Shark

Welcome letter           

Dear Shepard Families, 

 I hope this email finds you and your family well and recharged. I am very excited to be welcoming everyone back in person and on behalf of the entire Shepard Faculty and Staff, I’d like to extend a warm welcome for our 2021-2022 school year. 

Learning will begin for all students on Thursday September 9th. A Breakfast option and Lunch option will be available beginning on the 9th as well. More details information can be found on my “letter to parents” that was posted on your child’s parent portal page under the correspondence section. 

Please check your child’s parent portal to view your child’s teacher information. Transportation information for the 21-22 school year should be available by Wednesday. 

 As we begin the school year, classroom teachers will be spending much of our first several weeks together reviewing expectations, reviewing basics and assessing the academic starting point of each student. As such and as a general rule of thumb for this year, textbooks will not need to be brough back and fourth each day. As you know, the district provided a device for each student to use. We do expect students to charge their devices each night and to bring them back and forth to school each day. All the academic textbooks used are accessible online. In addition, this year the district will be using the Clever platform which serves as a one-stop site that saves your child’s passwords to the sites that they will be using. The district will also be making device insurance available. Please help us by emphasizing with your child proper device care and strongly consider the option of device insurance.  

 School times:

Please note that school opens no earlier than 8:50 AM regardless of weather. Students should be accompanied to the school grounds close to that time. Please note the Playground is off limits to children and siblings during arrival. More information regarding arrival can be found on my letter in the parent portal. 

The Shepard PTA:

The PTA provides vital resources and support to the school. You will be receiving important PTA information the first week of school. The first PTA meeting will be held in person on Wednesday September 22, 2021 at 7:00PM.  The PTA also maintains a separate mailing list and social media contact pages with important information for all members. Membership is highly encouraged and recommended. More information will be shared at the opening PTA meeting. 


Parent Portal and ThrillShare/Apptegy:

The Parent Portal and the ThrillShare/Apptegy systems will be the main informational platforms that will be used by the school.

ThrillShare/Apptegy is available in an app format for quick access to information such as general announcements and general information.

 The Parent Portal is available in website format that requires secure login and will provide all confidential student information as well as the general documents that will be posted on ThrillShare/Apptegy. Information including report cards, progress reports, and attendance will be found on the Parent Portal.  Make certain you visit all the tabs on the parent portal (Documents, Correspondence, Transportation etc...)  Please ensure that if any of your contact information changes during the school year that you update it on the Contacts section of the Parent Portal. In addition if any information regarding other student contacts change like individuals who are permitted to pick up your child—please make sure that information is added.  (i.e. Home #, cell or business telephone numbers, email addresses etc…). 

Links to both will be on the district’s and Shepard School’s website.  

School Supply List: Supply requirements for your child’s class can be found on the Apptegy App or the school website.

I know this may be a lot of information to digest. Feel free to email us or contact us if you have additional questions. Please check the websites as well as your Parent Portal as more student specific information has been posted there. 

 Thank you, 

Joseph Marinzoli