Old Bridge High School is currently piloting a cross curricular initiative in its Cooperative Education/Business Careers and Accounting classes. This joint initiative, which includes internships, career speakers, job shadows and employment opportunities, is providing students the skills and experiences to transition into the business world.

The goal of the initiative is to promote deeper learning by helping students understand expectations and educational requirements of the workplace while simultaneously exploring careers.

According to teacher Debra Hunter, Cooperative Education and Career Services coordinator, by bringing professionals (currently virtually) into the classrooms, this enhances instruction and exposes students to a variety of careers, giving students many competitive advantages as they enter college or the workforce.

Hunter offers resume development, links to community businesses, job shadows, and internship coordination while accounting teacher David Morrongiello, who is a CPA, instructs three levels of Accounting and offers seminars such as “Tax Tips for Teens”; he also assists with accounting internship placements.

Morrongiello said he has seen first-hand a powerful connection between the academic skills the students are learning in the classroom and the practical application of these skills in the workforce.

“Our students clearly have the aptitude to blossom into 21st Century leaders, regardless of the careers they pursue,” said Morrongiello.

Internships offer students a chance to develop knowledge, financial acumen, and competencies needed to make informed decisions in business and their personal lives, Hunter said.

“Teaming up with Old Bridge High School to give students the opportunity to get real-world experience in our accounting internship has been a great experience for both Boscia & Boscia PC and the OBHS students,” said Nick Boscia, a CPA from B&B Tax Accounting and Advisory Services of Old Bridge. “They learn a wide range of business tasks from administrative tasks to bookkeeping and even assisting in preparing tax returns. I have thoroughly enjoyed having the students in the office to add new faces to our office over the years and the great help they provide

with our business processes. I think the internship program helps prepare them for their future careers and learn to be young professionals. We plan to continue this program into the future.”  

Boscia’s current twelfth grade intern, Olivia Tuohy, said she is enjoying the internship and really likes being in an office setting.

“Everyone I work with is very nice, and I work about five to seven hours a week,” Tuohy said. “I’ve learned some new things so far, but in general I think the best part is getting a feel to what it’s like working in the real world.”

Hunter said she is hopeful to expand the program, identifying local professional partners while collaborating to offer all involved a valuable experience.

For more information to become a part of the OBHS Career Development Program, contact Hunter at dhunter@obps.org or 732.290.3900, ext. 3907.