Medical Policies

Emergency Form - please make sure you update this form as necessary. It is vital that we have this information in the event that we need to contact you should your child become ill or injured.

Medication Policy- The Board of Education policy for general administration of medication is attached. Please save this as a reference and call the health office regarding specific medication concerns.

We are a nut free environment, so when packing your child’s snack or lunch, please nothing with peanuts/nuts.

If your child will not be attending school, for what ever reason, please call the nurse's office and leave a message.

Every preschool-aged child must receive a flu vaccine by December 31, in order to return to school in January. This is a NJ State law. Medical exemptions are accepted for noncompliance. Please call the nurse with any questions or concerns .

Glenn School - 732-360-1021

Southwood School - 732-360-4539


Flu Shot Information

Medication Policy

Medication Authorization