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In order to better address the needs of our students, the Old Bridge Public School district utilizes a Response to Intervention (RTI) model . RTI is a framework designed to provide educational support to struggling students. It is most commonly used to address learning challenges in reading and mathematics but is also applicable to social and emotional/behavioral needs. Initial screening assessments are administered to all students and intervention plans are developed for any student not meeting grade-level expectations. Interventions may take place within the classroom or outside of the classroom depending on the level and nature of support required. Our teachers, interventionists, and paraprofessionals provide a variety of data-based/evidence informed interventions to ensure each student’s success. Progress is regularly monitored to guide decision-making about instruction throughout the school year. Please review the attached resources located through the links below for more information.

The Old Bridge Public School District’s RTI model uses a three-tier model:
  • Tier 1- Classroom teachers will use a variety of strategies within the core curriculum to address individual instructional needs within the classroom.
  • Tier 2- Based on assessment data, students who continue to struggle in Tier 1 will be provided additional research-based interventions inside or outside of the classroom. Interventionist teachers will monitor student progress.
  • Tier 3- Students who continue to struggle in Tier 2 will receive more intensive evidence-based interventions.


    RTI Flow Chart K-5
    RTI PowerPoint
    Accommodations, Modifications, and Intervention