Study Island is a powerful, yet simple to use, learning and teaching tool. All Old Bridge Township Public Schools’ students in Grades Kindergarten through Grade 5 have access to this web-based program to help them prepared for Standardized Assessment Tests.

    All students enrolled in Grades 2 through 5 have a Study Island user name and password. Their Study Island account has been created specifically for each child’s grade level, abilities, and school.

    Students can access Study Island from any computer connected to the Internet. The website is: www.studyisland.com

    Study Island provides many useful tools to help you assist your child to succeed. The resources listed below will guide you in generating and understanding personalized REPORTS on your child’s performance in Study Island. You can also follow the simple directions to print out practice worksheets, and how to help your child increase their own individual scores.

    For technical assistance or questions about using the Study Island website, feel free to contact Study Island at 1-800-419-3191 or support@studyisland.com. If your child does not know or remember his/her user name and password, please contact your child’s teacher.

Study Island

Study Island Brochure 
Welcome to Study Island Informational Brochure

Practice Sheets  
How can I print out practice sheets for my child?      

How do I run a report on my child's progress?

Interpret Results
How do I interpret my child's progress? 

Blue Ribbons 
How can my child receive a Blue Ribbon?

Extra Help 
What can I do if my child needs extra help?