Challenge Visits to K-2

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If you want to see the Bee Bots!

What's an Ozobot? (Click on the link to watch a short video)


Links to websites are below!

The sites are sorted by the topics shared in each of the six PETS lessons. We will continue to post more interesting links as we find them.


PETS End of Lesson

PETS End of Lessons 2

McDivitt School PETS Stars


National Geographic For Kids

What is a Bee Bot?


BEE BOTS- Build a Maze

BeeBot Emulator

Detective Clara - online detective game

Detective Game- Searching for the Truth

Simple Machines - Interactive with Twitch

Try Engineering!

Build a Bridge

Design Squad Fidgit Factory- PBS Kids

PBS Kids- Goldburger to Go

Alexander Graham Bell- BrainPop Jr.

Storytelling- That's Good, That's Bad (Youtube read-aloud of a great book.)

Reading & Writing Poems- BrainPop Jr

Writing with the Senses- BrainPop Jr.

Short Story Writing- BrainPop Jr.

Math Playground- Count the Cubes

Math Playground- Pattern Blocks

Math Playground- The Parking Lot Game

PBS Kids- Tangram Game

Brain Pop, Jr.- Classifying Animals

Scientific Method- BrainPop Jr.

Making Observations- BrainPop, Jr.

Switch Zoo

Zoo Designer-Intro to Area & Perimeter

Dr. Daisy, Pet Vet

BBC Science Clips

Audubon's Top 10 Wildlife Webcams

Monterey Bay Aquarium- Shark Cam

National Zoo in Washington, DC- WEBCAMS

Trials- Brain Pop

Branches of the Government- Brain Pop Jr.