CSMS Open House Presentations September 22, 2020 6PM

Carl Sandburg Parents and Guardians,


On Tuesday September 22nd we will be hosting our Virtual Open House.  At 6pm, the link to the presentations from your child’s teaching team will be shared on you child's Microsoft Teams account.  

Within the folder you will find video and power point presentations from our administrative team, your child’s academic teachers, health office, and the world language, related arts and physical education departments.  The Virtual Open House presentation will be available for viewing at your convenience at 6pm on September 22nd.  Please follow these steps in order to secure the best viewing capabilities and streaming features:

  1. Each parent/guardian will log into Teams using his/her student’s school issued device and account credentials
  2. Parent/guardian will sign into student’s first academic period class Team of the school day.  Under the general channel you will find a post at 6pm on 9/22 with a link to view the presentation for your child’s team.
  3. For 8th grade students who are cross blocked, those special education and honors teachers have also posted their Open House presentations to the class Team page for viewing. 
  4. Enjoy the videos and presentations your child’s teachers have put together to help you gain further insight into the teaching and learning currently going on in your child’s life!


From Your CSMS Administrative Team - Dr. Simon, Dr. Londregan, Mrs. Ziemba