Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for Preschool Students

Parents are encouraged to send their children to school by bus. In the event that you need to transport your child, please be aware of our procedures at Southwood School.

  • If you are planning to drive your child to and from school, you must notify your child’s teacher. You will receive a colored tag that must be displayed on the front, driver's side of your dashboard. This will indicate that you are a pre-school parent, allowing you access to the parking lot.
  • Be sure to follow any instructions given by the staff member who is on duty at the entrance of the parking lot.
  • Slowly enter the parking lot and drive all the way around, following the flow of traffic.
  • Paraprofessionals will be stationed by Door 14 to assist your child out of the vehicle. Please be mindful that we must keep the flow of traffic moving.
  • Parents are not permitted to park their cars and walk students across the parking lot, unless it is after 9:00 am and you need to sign your child into school in the health office.
  • Parents must enter and exit the school through Door 1 only.
  • Please be reminded that teachers and paraprofessionals are not available for conferences during arrival and dismissal. Parents are encouraged to email their child’s teacher or contact the school nurse if there is a health concern.
  • Below is a chart indicating school hours for both full day and half day pre-school students:
Regular DayEarly DismissalDelayed Opening
Morning Session8:50 – 11:158:50 – 10:5010:50 – 12:50
Afternoon Session12:50 – 3:1511:15 – 1:151:15 – 3:15
Full Day8:50 – 2:008:50 – 12:1510:50 – 2:00