War and conflicts around the world are frightening and heartbreaking for adults to comprehend. For children and young adults, the barbaric raw images of war found in all media forms can be terrifying. This is the second time in two years our children have seen war unfold in real time. The war between Israel and Hamas reveals the worst cruelty of the human condition where civilians are too often the victim of brutal irreprehensible violence.  As parents, we desire a world where our children can grow, learn, and thrive without the constant threat of violence.

We know that many of our Old Bridge students, families, and staff come from backgrounds, especially Israeli and Palestinian, with loved ones in this war-torn region. These individuals may be feeling scared, stunned, and upset. Please know that we are here for all who are impacted by this tragic war, and we will have counseling services and staff on hand for all members of our learning community who are suffering.

In Old Bridge, our mission is to always provide a safe and nurturing space for all students to learn, grow, and flourish. While we cannot control a violent and historic war in foreign lands, we can ensure that we respect our differences and treat each other with kindness and love right here at home.

For those seeking resources to have meaningful support for children at home, please visit the resources provided below.

How to talk to your children about conflict and war | UNICEF Europe and Central Asia



Be well, be kind, and believe in Old Bridge
David Cittadino
Superintendent of Schools