Purple and black logo reading, "Old Bridge Township Public Schools."

The Old Bridge Township Public School District has donated much needed medical supplies to the township’s first responders. The supplies included masks, gloves, protective gel, wipes, and rubber gloves.


Schools Superintendent David Cittadino said he holds daily conference calls with the township and the Office of Emergency Management and learned from those briefings there were shortfalls in supplies for the township’s police officers and Emergency Medical Service workers, who on a regular basis transport potential COVID-19 patients.


“It dawned on me that we have schools that are not occupied right now with these materials,” said Cittadino. “So, I surveyed our school nurses about what they had and the location of the materials. Then, I went on a scavenger hunt.”


In addition to the items found in the district’s 11 elementary, two middle schools, and the high school, some masks were donated by an employee with a contact.


The materials were picked up by the Office of Emergency Management, under the direction of Tom Gerrity.


“We have an excellent work relationship with the Board of Education and Mr. Cittadino, and we keep each other up to date,” Geritty said. “Thank you for all your donations. Remember to use good hygiene and that social distancing is extremely important.”


He said the township is looking for disinfectant wipes, N95 Masks, and gloves.


Residents can drop off personal protective equipment in front of the public works building between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Upon arriving they should call: 732-721-5600 extension 6140. The public works building is located adjacent to the township municipal building, near the animal shelter.


Cittadino said while the state also is looking for supplies for its hospital workers, he wanted to support the local EMS workers first. However, he said he planned to donate testing swabs and gloves to the local hospitals.