Honors Prerequisites for 2020-2021:

  • Grade 6 Enriched Math- Math placement will be based on a rubric which will be completed by the 5th grade teachers and will include the 5th grade winter Math EasyCBM scores. Students must have received a 95% or higher.

2020-2021 placements for grades 7 & 8 honors classes will be based on marking periods 1& 2 of the 2019-2020 school year. Please note that math placement is based on test averages. All others are based on total grade book average.

  • Grade 7 Math- Students in 6th grade Enriched must have a Test Category average of 90% or above. Students in 6th grade general math must have a test average of 95%.

  • Grade 7 ELA - 95% or higher total ELA average.

  • Grade 8 Science- 95% or higher total average and a Math and ELA total average of 90% or higher.

  • Grade 8 Social Studies – 95% or higher total average.

  • Grade 8 Honors Math- Students in 7th grade honors math Test Category average must be 90%. Students in 7th grade general math must have a Test Category average of 95%. Supplemental work to be completed over the summer as preparation for Algebra I.

  • Grade 8 ELA – Those in 7th grade honors must have a total average of 88% in 7th grade honors. Non-honors 7th grade ELA must have a total average 95% or higher.