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  • Welcome to OBPARCC Resource Website!

    Here you will find resources to help our students prepare for and succeed in taking the online PARCC assessments.


    The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a consortium which is working to develop a standard set of K-12 assessments in math and English.

    The PARCC Consortium is comprised of a group of states work together to develop assessments which measure students’ knowledge and understanding of the Common Core State Content Standards. This means that the content of these assessments tests the knowledge and skill sets needed for students to be successful in college and careers in the future.

    By aligning the assessments with the Common Core State Content Standards, PARCC will assure that the Common Core is being taught in our classrooms.

    Visit Questions and Answers About PARCC for further information about the assessments.

    Utilize the links below to retrieve District resources on PARCC and the Common Core.

    Questions and Answers About PARCCMath and English Language Arts/Literacy PARCC Released Questions
    Understand the Score*

    Technology Resources

    Tech Prep for PARCC

    Mathematics Common Core Toolbox - Practice ItemsHelpful Websites

    Keyboarding Practice

    * The PARCC test was designed to provide clear information on your child’s progress toward meeting grade level expectations and mastering important skills like critical thinking. The score report gives you a snapshot of how your child is progressing and shows where he or she excels or needs more support. This information, along with grades, teacher feedback and scores on other tests, will help give a more complete picture of how well your child is performing academically.

    ** Looking for ways to use your children’s test scores to support them at home? Search by grade, subject, and scoring category to find resources tailored to the areas where your child needs support. These resources have been identified as helpful to kids and mapped to standards by Raise the Bar, an initiative of America Achieves.

    Click here for additional Math and English Language Arts/Literacy practice resources from last year