Keep your child safe online. Online chat rooms, instant messages and message boards are easy ways for sexual predators to hunt their prey.

Here are some tips to review with your child:

  • Never fill out questionnaires or forms online which give out personal information (name, address, phone number, school, town, etc.).

  • Never agree to meet anyone in person you may have spoken to online.

  • Never enter a chat room without an adult’s supervision. Some “kids” you meet in chat rooms may not really be kids but adults who have bad intentions.

  • Don’t give out too much information online about where you are going or what you are doing.

  • If you don’t know who the email came from, delete it—don’t answer it.

  • Don’t share your pictures online with people you don’t know.

  • Always tell an adult if you saw anything or heard anything—whether intentionally or unintentionally—which you should not have seen.

  • Tell your parents about sites you visit, who you communicate with, and who’s on your online buddy list so that they can help keep you safe online.

internet safety