The COVID pandemic continues to strengthen as we head toward a second wave in this region. The district is committed to provide you with as much information as possible as we forge ahead through these difficult circumstances. In recent days we have worked with county and state authorities to increase our PPE stockpile and we have partnered with the township to  schedule COVID testing events for our community.  Please remember, it is essential to practice social distancing, wear a face covering when required, and notify your school nurse of any close contacts with a COVID positive or symptomatic individual.  

We would like to remind our families that resources are available through Teach Coach for support as we continue to face unprecedented challenges. Teacher Coach is an online resource that we utilize for staff development and are now able to offer a parent education component. Resources include supports for mental health and social emotional well-being; diversity, equity and inclusion; dealing with Covid-19 and many more resources. Please click on the link below and create your account to access these resources. 


Teacher Coach link