Weekly Update May 21, 2021

As the conditions related to the COVID19 pandemic continue to improve within our community, we look forward to continued relaxation of related health requirements.  The most recent updates on masks and face coverings from the NJDOH and the Governor’s Office indicates that no persons regardless of vaccination status are required to wear a face covering/mask at any post-school day OUTDOOR extracurricular activity. 

This new information includes inter-scholastic athletics, proms, moving-up ceremonies, and graduations. However, graduations and moving-up events should enforce social distancing to the greatest extent possible. 

This information from the state does NOT include indoor and outdoor during the school day activities such as physical education and recess. However, in the Old Bridge district, we encourage our educational professionals to allow students to remove their masks during recess/mask breaks and physical education class when social distancing is easily accomplished outside. 

New Guidelines for Prom, Graduation, & Moving-Up Ceremonies

  • Graduations, Moving-up Ceremonies and the Prom fall under extracurricular activities.

  • No temperature checks or health screenings will be performed for outside activities.

  • Elementary student participants should wear their face covering until seated socially distant outside.

  • High School and Middle School students have the option to remove their face covering while being socially distant entering Lombardi Field.

  • Spectators should remain socially distant to the greatest extent possible.

  • Spectators are under no mandate to wear a mask while attending an outdoor extracurricular event.

  • There is no mask requirement while using outdoor facilities at the prom.

  • Based upon the decreasing health emergency in the state of NJ, the COVID test requirement is eliminated for participation in prom activities.

As information related to pandemic health requirements from the state of New Jersey continue to evolve, so too shall the requirements within the district. We are grateful that the sacrifices of many has led to an inevitable end to the pandemic locally. Hopefully, the state of New Jersey will continue to reduce mandates and restrictions very soon.