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It is with tremendous sadness I share that due to the raging pandemic affecting the health of our learning community and the ability to safely staff our classrooms, the Old Bridge School District must return to Phase 1 Remote Learning.  Today, the New Jersey Department of Health identified Middlesex County as one of several high COVID risk regions. As the state and local COVID data rises to numbers similar to last spring, in good conscience the district cannot continue with in-person instruction.  Effective Monday, November 23, 2020, the district will operate on a fully remote learning platform.  The district will remain on a remote learning platform until January 19, 2021.  During this period, we will assess the pandemic impact on our community, looking for the earliest opportunity to restart our Phase 2 schedule; bringing our most at risk learners in first.  This can only occur when data demonstrates that the COVID pandemic is regressing. 

There is much promise with the introduction of vaccines as a new weapon in our arsenal to combat this tragic virus.  I know that vaccines are not for everyone, however we hope that vaccines utilized in conjunction with social distancing and face coverings, will allow us to defeat this pandemic expeditiously and return all our children to the classrooms.  We recognize that it is in these classrooms where you need your child, and our teachers need them as well.  Thank you to all our community members for your understanding during this time. I am grateful for my team of education professionals who have been remarkable and inspiring assets during these past few months. Additionally, I truly appreciate our Task Force members whose support I have relied upon throughout this pandemic.  God bless you and your families. Together, we are greater than this pandemic.  I look forward to seeing you all happy and healthy on the other side of this crisis. 

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Be well, be kind, and believe in Old Bridge

David Cittadino

Superintendent of Schools