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OBTPS Weekly Update - November 25, 2020

As we return to our fully remote learning platform, we recognize that our students, staff, and families will need a little extra motivation to get through these next few months. With Thanksgiving approaching we hope that each of your families can find things to be grateful for despite the challenges we face. Old Bridge Township has rallied before and succeeded in overcoming challenges, and our students continue to learn from their adult role models as well as their peers. We strive to maintain engagement, motivation and positivity and we are confident we can do so working together.

One step in maintaining student engagement is requiring students to turn their cameras on. In order for our staff and students to connect, we feel strongly that students need to be more than icon on a screen. We want to make eye contact, see cheery faces, and be connected. Please review carefully the Cameras on for Instruction memo related to student cameras.

“Night School” is a resource provided by the district for parents and students. If you need assistance after school hours, please join a session Monday through Thursday.

Sessions are 1 hour each, from 6:30- 7:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. Click on the appropriate link below to JOIN Night School for the grade level or content area that you need. Please note that any questions that staff are not able to address within the hour, will be forwarded to the appropriate district staff for follow-up.

 Grades K-1  Kindergarten & 1st Grade Night School  

Grades 2-3  2nd and 3rd Grade Night School 

Grades 4-5  4th and 5th Grade Night School 

All grades  Elementary Special Education Night School 

Pre-school  Preschool Night School

Grades 6-8 ELA   6th - 8th Grade ELA Night School 

Grades 6-8 Math  6th - 8th Grade Math Night School 

Grades 6-8 Science  6th - 8th Grade Science Night School 

Grades 6-8 Social Studies  6th - 8th Grade Social Studies Night School 

Grades 6-8 Special Education  Middle School Special Education Night School  

Covid-19 Testing

Old Bridge Schools have partnered with the township to provide Covid-19 testing. Over 1300 tests have been completed during the 3-day testing period. More testing dates will be scheduled in the future.

Cameras on for Instruction 11.25.2020